Music lessons are about making sound. Instruments are made for the purpose of pursuing sound. It is important to have the value of pursuing good sound from the beginning. Therefore, the idea of getting a cheap instrument does not make sense. It is always desirable to maximize the possibility of producing and hearing the best possible sound quality.


In Japan Yamaha and Kawai are the most mainstream piano makers. Generally speaking, instruments produced 20-30 years ago are better made. If you are thinking about purchasing a used piano it is important to consider how the instrument has been maintained and adjusted. I suggest you consult with a professional regarding any used instruments you are thinking about buying. If you attend lessons at the teacher’s home, an upright Steinway Piano will be used.


Smaller size violins are generally well used, and so I do not recommend buying a used small size violin. In terms of brand, the Suzuki brand is well known in Japan, but for beginners Romanian (Gliga, Reghin), American (Jay Haide), and Chinese brands are also popular. Regarding price, the recommended price range is starting from \100,000.

※The above information is for your reference. If you already have an instrument, let’s talk about that together.

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